Post your pictures here. Email your launch pics or test pics using Tru-Core sets along with name, rocket name, launch site and hardware used and formula (red, white, blue, etc)

Ed R./Mike M.  Kryptos LDRS27, Kansas               98mm nozzle and          Extended smk closure           N4116                      RedNekTek

Dan G.
MadMax8              METRA, NY              98mm-4G motor       M2500           WizardsBeard

Dennis C.           Spectacular Spectacular PMW, Alabama         76mm-5G motor       M1500                             P5- white


Ron R.. &Nike Smoke           BALLS21 BlackRock,NV          152mm-40kNs motor     RedNekTekP5- white

Brent R.                                                   GO HUSKIES                                Brothers,OR                                              6” x 16” Finocyl                                 M1819                                             Slammer Blue

Gary D                   Vertigo             BALLS20 BlackRock,NV98mm 4G motor  N4000      MadRiverBlue

David H.                    4FG                          Swan Falls, ID             98mm plugged 6ft motor
N1800                          OS2


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54mm Moonburner Flight

152mm Finocyl Static Test